Syrian-European contemporary art focus

The Arabian Peninsula is experimenting a great birth of unprecedented tourism with countless exhibitions, festivals and events. This inspired me me to show the culture and past in an artistic way leading my work into semi abstraction that I have long been trying to develop.   

Cave paintings inspired by prehistorical  works in Madaen Saleh, Saudi Arabia I-II-III

Let`s go to the old part of Damascus I told my sister Malak and just wander around and get lost...

The mysterious alleys had an awesome secret flair that fascinated me. Closed wooden doors with huge padlocks, box latticed windows hiding fugitive glances from unknow morning faces.


By chance one door was ajar ,curious, I gave a little push and lo ! within, a most enchanting courtyard surrounded by marble arches, in the center a sprinkling round basin decorated with clay pots filled with herbs. Wooden thatched stools awaiting morning - coffee housewives and  everywhere the dreamy scent of Yasmine.


What secrets do these houses hide? Stories happy and sad melted away forever in the old withered stones ... 

Memories of the Nile

We're rolling slowly along the Nile, where time stands still. Looking at the Fellahin leading their water buffalos to the fields or riding their wooden carriages loaded with hay and vegetables to the market or leaning lazily on their benches smoking narghiles. The women hurry along balancing heavy amphoras on their heads. A slow motion world and time...      

In memory of Beethoven`s 250th birthday

Old photos of the twenties inspired my works of merchants, musicians, market sellers and farmers. These two bronzes remain from a large collection that I always renew with more acquired old photos sent by friends or in special books.