About my art


What goes on in the world effects my feelings and shows in my art. As a Syrian, I have of course, mixed feelings of sadness and pity for my people who are suffering, especially the innocent children who are caught in this crazy disaster. I see no end to it all, all this is blended with the scent of jasmine a beloved flower reminiscent of my childhood in Damascus.


 My works should not be limited to the situation in Syria, it is a call to all forms of violence, wars and injustice in our world.


The Arabian Peninsula is experimenting a great birth of unprecedented tourism with countless exhibitions, festivals and events. This inspired me me to show the culture and past in an artistic way leading my work into semi abstraction that I have long been trying to develop.








on your request I can paint porträts (adults or children) in different mediums from a live model or photo



Published Books


children can enjoy two books that I wrote and illustrated: "Ebony's dream" (english version) and "Ebonys Traum" (german version).And on request (not yet published) "The magic pill box".